The Vignette Archives: #Midweekstanzas

IMG-4346What are #Midweekstanzas? 

#Midweekstanzas are poetic vignettes.  Or to put it in layman terms they are weekly poetry videos using different techniques of photography and videography to elevate my poetry accompanied with music.  All recordings are produced in a music studio and recorded by Russel Guess.  For 52 weeks, every Wednesday, I release a new poem, new video, new music, new creation.  #Midweekstanzas are also important in building and uplifting my social media engagement on all platforms.

How many #Midweekstanzas will you be releasing? IMG-4347

52.  I will probably keep going, however.

Where can I find #Midweekstanzas? 

FACEBOOK: @outspokenbean
INSTAGRAM : @outspokenbean
SOUNDCLOUD : @outspokenbean

Season 1 | Episode 3

Season 1 | Episode 2

Season 1 | Episode 1