The Craft (performances & other bookings)

2018 TCA Touring Roster and 2018 Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Houston Resident Artist Program and 2017 Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Idea Fund grant recipient, Emanuelee Outspoken Bean is a performance poet, writer, compassionate mentor, electric entertainer, and educator.
A 2011 Texas Poet Laureate nominee, Bean as a performer is impactful, engaging, and really brings truth to any stage that he steps on.  Bean also works with youth organizations from across the country such as Inside Out in Detroit, Youth Speaks in San Francisco, and Tigertail Productions’ 2016 youth slam, WordSpeak, in Miami. While balancing a very busy touring schedule, in Houston Bean serves as the project coordinator/lead coach/mentor for Meta-Four Houston, a project of Writers in the Schools (WITS). He also has a one-man show, “Converse,” which is an interactive theatrical story-telling based on Bean, a heartbroken, outspoken, comedic, military brat. The dramatic and provocative show lures the audience into joining a long overdue conversation about mistakes, redemption, and the power of words.
FEATURED PERFORMANCE: Full length performance. 
A Featured Performance is an assembly of performance styles ranging from spoken-word, hosting, dialogue, and hip-hop with a comedic delivery that highlights the magnetic personality of Outspoken Bean.  Bean is high-energy, fun, exciting, and flexible. Artnet Magazine said that “…his (Bean’s) words hit with the sustained force of a young James Earl Jones delivering King Lear.”  World Renowned Theatre Director and Producer, Robert Wilson calls Bean’s performance style “Brilliant”.  Featured Performance can be tailored for all age groups and audiences upon request.  A short post-performance Q&A is optional.  (Performance length: 60-75 minutes.)


Outspoken Bean’s Impact Workshops can be utilized and tailored for many different facets ranging from educational, vocational, and recreational.  Impact Workshops can be presented for a hour session or designed for a week long residence.  Bean has an impressive track record of results from years of facilitating creative writing, performance, and poetry workshops through National Performance Network, Houston.I.S.D. schools, Corporations, Theatres, Harris County Juvenile Probation Departments (Houston, TX), as well as numerous youth conferences across the country. The length of the Impact Workshops vary.  IMG_9256

Performance “Impact” Workshops:  

Outspoken Bean has a decade behind him as a professional performer.  His accolades range from top 10 ranking in Individual World Poetry Slam (since 2013) to performing Off-Broadway.  The Performance Workshops concentrates on allowing the participant to utilize their personal stories to find their voice and public speaking through the vehicle of poetry.  Workshops can be modified for any topic and used to excite and engage all audiences.IMG_9250 (1)

Creative Writing “Impact” Workshops:  

Writing at times can be a daunting and an undesirable task whether you write for leisure or for work.  Outspoken Bean understands that poetry is a tool that opens the world of creative writing to new heights. Novice and experienced writers learn new approaches to writing that’s inviting and makes for an exploratory experience which can aide in discovering, cultivating, developing, and awaking the writing ability.

Assembly “Impact” Workshops:  

For an audience of more than hundred in attendance.  The Assembly Workshop makes every person in the room feel included.  Outspoken Bean’s big personality not only fills a room but, it facilitates the untapped desire of expression which is manifested through poetry and complements the tailored workshop.  This is perfect for large group meetings and assemblies.